About Sahasa

About the Artist

Hello and welcome to artbysahasa.com. Art By Sahasa is a small business based in the Netherlands, Europe but safely ships worldwide and has collectors in 30+ US States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, European Countries, the Middle East and (South East) Asia.

The artist behind this venture is a self taught sculptor, illustrator and mixed media creator. They build miniature koi ponds and other artworks by hand from polymer clay, resin and complementary materials with the goal to create unique art that offers tranquility, peace and enjoyment to its collectors.

Miniature Koi Pond, with hand sculpted polymer clay koi.

I'm out to prove art can be inspirational and offer tranquility from day to day. It's my mission to provide such creations that are a little oasis in a world that's filled with pressure to perform.

Aside from ponds you will find work featuring other water-dwelling creatures, such as a variety of Octopuses. These highly intelligent ocean dwellers continue to amaze scientists (and fans) with their smarts and fantastic anatomy. Three hearts, nine brains, no skeleton, blue blood! What's not to love here?

Polymer Clay sculpture of a Larger Pacific Striped Octopus.


For Detail Lovers

If you enjoy detailed work with a sense of calm and peace you've come to the right place. My ponds are designed to be harmonious and balanced while my octopus pieces are a playful, affectionate tribute to the ocean. If you have an affinity with water, be it salty or sweet, one of my detailed display pieces may just be what you're after. Either for yourself or maybe as a gift to a friend, family member or significant other. Maybe the marine biologist, aquarium keeper or scuba diver in your life. Safely shipped to your door, almost anywhere in the world.

Aside from watery pieces I also create wildlife and domesticated animal sculptures on request.

Commissioned portrait, clay sculpture of an Appaloosa horse.

The Process & Connect

My main method of creation is sculpting from polymer clay. The mini koi in my ponds are hand sculpted by me from 100% polymer clay, they're not painted. Some details on the octopus sculptures may be painted. For information on each individual creation, check its description for techniques, methods and material list.

Follow me on Instagram @sahasa.artist where I post videos and pictures of my creations and share planned shop updates and other relevant information with you. You may also sign up for the newsletter on the bottom of this page if you'd like to be notified when new work is available.

If you have questions please check the F.A.Q. first. For specific questions about orders and other time sensitive correspondence please e-mail me at info@artbysahasa.com with your order number in the subject line. Please be aware the contact form occasionally puts messages in the SPAM folder, there may be a delay in response.


Prints & More

A new type of artwork has been added under the Prints & More section. Here you can find digital artwork drawn in Photoshop and/or CLIP studio. All illustrations are created by Sahasa through use of a pen tablet and professional software. These digital illustrations are turned into physical items like wall art such as prints but also stickers and mugs.

The fulfillment of items in this category is handled by Printful Inc from manufacturing to shipping.


Questions & Terms of Service

For questions, please refer to the F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) page, where you may find information about:
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