Last Updated: 26th of June 2020



How to commission custom artwork

If you'd like to order a custom miniature koi pond, reef, octopus sculpture or maybe even something else, you can commission me for a custom artwork. That means I will create it according to your directions. I do reserve a certain degree of creative liberty to guarantee it's possible to make (technical limitations, in a way.)

This page explains how commissions work, when ordered from me. This information may not be applicable to other artists. Everyone has their own process. Whether you do or do not have prior experience with ordering custom art, this page is your 3 Step - Quick Guide to a smooth ordering & production experience with Sahasa. This information is here to help you have a nice experience! Please read it thoroughly.


Step 1: Status.

Check the new commissions status at the top of this page. Are they open (or on hold, if you don't mind to wait a little longer for a response!) then let's proceed to step 2. Commissions are started in the order they're paid for.

    Step 2: The Checklist.

    • Type of commission (e.g. a koi pond.)
    • Dimensions and shape of commission (e.g. 110mm round pond.)
    • Details (e.g. colors, bowl, hand built, amount of koi, extra features, be as descriptive as you can.)
    • Photo references and/or sketches.
    • Is this a High Priority commission*, do you need it ASAP? Yes/No. If yes, what is the date you need it by?
    • Is this a private commission? Yes/No, or can post pictures after a certain date (in case of gifts) which date?
    • The country this commission will be shipped to.
    • Roughly your budget, including shipping cost.

    Step 3: Send your details by e-mail.

    • In order to receive a fast response to your inquiry, copy the above checklist and fill it out. Add anything else you think is important for me to know about. E-mail it to
    • DM's on Instagram, comments etc. are not a good way to start your commission process. Sometimes I miss comments, Instagram occasionally fails with the direct messages as well. E-mail is your best bet.
    • That's all! Thank you for your interest!


    The several different "New Commissions" statuses and what they mean:

    • COMMISSIONS: OPEN. Commissions will be started in the order they're paid for, with the exception of High Priority commissions.*

    • COMMISSIONS: ON HOLD. Your commission could potentially be started in the next 3 - 4 months.

    • COMMISSIONS: CLOSED. Please do not contact me at this time, I am currently not accepting new commissions.


     *High Priority commissions are similar to "rush orders." If you need your custom very fast for whatever reason, you can ask for high priority. I will focus solely on your project and create that first and as fast as possible. Includes express shipping (if available for your country.) High Priority is an extra (paid) service I offer, it's not standard and on case by case basis only.